March 9, 2023 Monika Team

Monika New Single – I’m Nothing Without You

Monika’s “I’m Nothing Without You” is a captivating power ballad and the first release of her upcoming album “Proud” that marks a much-anticipated return to her international audience. “Proud” is a landmark album for Monika bringing a new artistic era in her life both as composer and performer. Monika’s consistent ability to bring ripples to audiences and within music industry circles has brought major attention from media and radio stations awaiting the release.

Monika returns more mature than ever with the music and lyrics of her fourth English album titled “Proud”. An album that acoustically condenses her entire journey from “Avatar” to today, combining cinematic, artistic, funk and disco sounds with intense rock elements, with strong melodies as the common element between tracks.

It is a piece of work with a lot of gravitas that was seven years in the making with constant testing and evolution of ideas, melodies, lyrics and production sound where Monika’s compositional genius creates timeless, emotional, universal songs. Life maturity shines through the album and if you look closely, you can distinguish various aspects of Monika’s experiences throughout those seven years some as profound as starting a family all the way to writing cinematic music for films.

“It’s hard to write what I’m experiencing in the moment. I usually write when the dust settles and experiences become memories”

The heavy influence of Monika’s life in the US prevails in this album with songs like “In LA”, “Griffith Park” and “Amerika”. The artist’s awakening is apparent from the lyrics of the song “Proud” where she was able to dig deep into her psyche, find what drove her to success all these years and decoding that to a simple need of acknowledgement from her loved ones that was no other than to hear “I’m Proud of You”.

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