October 8, 2017 Dimitris Lilis

FLY ME TO THE MOON AND THEN TO Muensterland Festival

Monika is putting together two special shows the weekend between 13th and 15th of October.

Starting next Friday 10/13 with a special morning (60 minutes long) set at Athens International Airport (AIA). “Fly me to the moon” concert series is a great live concept where Athenian artists get to perform at a customized Terminal area of AIA around noon (show starts at 11.30 am) and travellers from every part of the world get to see live in action a local act.

Then, since Monika and the band will be at the airport why not booking another international show.

Muensterland Festival in Germany is connecting the music and culture of Greece and Iceland in this year’s edition. Monika will be representing Greek pop artist and will perform at the stage of Bergbaumuseum in Ibbenbüren on Saturday 14th of October at 7pm.

Get more info and tickets here.

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