Bloody Something hits the charts once again after 10 years!

It all started when Alpha TV requested to license MONIKA’s “Bloody Something” for their new drama TV series “Erotas Meta”. During the producers and directors meeting, Monika felt that even though the old song was an all time classic, she wanted to do a remake on it. It was agreed that Monika will deliver a brand new version of the song within a week and she hit the studio as a music producer with her current team but interestingly with the old musicians that recorded the original song 10 years ago!

The result was an astonishing masterpiece of the same song with a new string orchestration and a build up that slowly but surely elevates the listener to cloud nine. All the signs of this songs success were apparent as even before it was officially released, the song hit #1 in Greece on Shazam as people got a first glimpse of it from the TV series teasers!

The song is officially released today on all major digital platforms along with an official lyric video on YouTube.

Today is also the premiere of the Alpha Channels TV series “Erotas Meta”.

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